Friday, August 15, 2014

Korean Sesame Leaves ( 깻잎)

Our Perilla is growing strong, both in the perennial herb bed and independently in pots.  Cultivated from
seed, it receives muted sun under our 50% shade fabric for morning and noon hours.  Afternoons are in full shade due to the arrangement of the house and garden.
We use water that has had a chance for the chlorine to evaporate as well as water them directly from the hose.  Every couple of weeks, we add a bit of seaweed extract before we water.  The plants seem to appreciate it.
All our potted plants are grown in Mel's Square Foot Gardening Mix we got from Plant World.  It's a bit pricey, but at this stage of our lives, the simple and easy aspect of it is worth every penny.  The beds in the ground get a mix of home made compost, store bought compost and chicken or steer manure.

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