Saturday, January 24, 2015

Compost tumbler

Revitalization of our ancient, 14-year old tumbler is still in progress. Yesterday, a short trip to the hardware store for a pipe and some bolts to replace the rusted core.

Today, Lee and I were able to pick up a bag of "grounds for the garden" from our local Starbucks. We had fun breaking up the espresso clods into the tumbler. The leaves and steer manure are a week old but already look months old!

My temperatures are not over a hundred yet. It has been years since I made two-week compost. Next week, I'll put it all into my growing pile and start again. I've been using a leaf vacuum to shred the leaves but I think I need to increase my manure balance too.

P.S. the hose is for some water in a tub to de-gas. I'm sure the chlorine in the water set me back last batch.