Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Surprise of Spring

As discouraged as I was over our winter garden, I could not have predicted the stellar recovery life makes when allowed. The aphids which had thoroughly infested the Swiss Chard are no where to be seen. Because nothing was added, Ladybugs were able to thrive. We are now on our third crop of larvae who are keeping everything clean and healthy!

(2) [of many] For the first time in my 50 years in this house, I saw a hummingbird nest outside our front window! That it was the day after our mom's Celebration of Life service is no surprise. From the count of the others in and around the back yard, there must be another half-dozen nests not far away either.

(3) The fire ants are gone! I was giving a tour to my nieces who had come to visit in March and, of course, I had to show them the compost. There was the swarm! Arrgh! I couldn't live another year with their belligerent threat. Lee suggested boiling water and I haven't seen them since. (We do have another swarm, but they do not seem to be threatening. I sent a few to the lab for testing, just to be sure.)

(4) A neighborhood community garden has begun!!! How many times I have passed by a vacant lot down the street and wondered what it would take to make compost there. Now it is happening!!! A former friend from high school had five acres he was willing to lend to the cause. Another high energy visionary had the faith and there you have it. A miracle in the desert! It is blooming and growing and who can keep up with it?

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